Eventlocation hint: The new Manhattan Cube Tyrol


This mobile eventlocation is more than a tent!
Our long-standing partner, the Tiroler Zeltverleih GmbH, has launched an innovation on the market – the new Manhattan Cube Tyrol is a mobile eventlocation, which can be built anywhere you desire!

This modularly constructed glas-cube shows a new direction to mobile canopy and blends aptly with the landscape, as well in rural and alpine landscapes like we have in our rent a village by xnet® villages, where the mountain panorama reflects in the tinted glass front. It is the mixture of its modernity and the village’s tradition, which gives the impression of innovation and advancement at the same time – also beside of urban big cities.

Various set-up options
The minimum size of the glas-cube is 10 x 10 m. In case of too less space, it is possible to build it up double-storey.

Additional branding possibilities
If desired, you can also put your logo onto the building’s attica (anthracite molding of the roof).

This video shows you the assembling in time-laps mode: www.facebook.com/rentavillagebyxnet