How to avoid boredom in the conference hall


Innovative ideas for meetings – think ”out of the box”

Weary faces in the conference hall, who doesn’t know that? Even if topics and speakers alternate, frontal lectures all have something in common: They’re often lengthy and remind us of the good old times at school. Speakers compete for their audience’s attention who in turn try to keep going and remain attentive. The more, if the day before was closed with a gala evening or party. Especially in this situation it’s so important to rethink and engage in new ideas for meetings.

New formats revive your messages

Participants can take up information more efficiently if you break with old patterns. However, we shouldn’t forget that every human being learns and perceives messages in a different way. Based on our sensory organs we speak of an auditory, visual, communicative or motoric learning type. If you activate all senses of a person, meetings and workshops can be shaped in a creative and invigorating way. Our experience shows that it’s the right mix that counts.

Targets and strategies are on your agenda? Take advantage of the beauty of our villages and make a strategy hiking tour through the mountains or the village. This way you convey your messages outside sober meeting rooms in truly inspiring surroundings. Your topic are product news? Then, the participants should make themselves familiar with the product, see it, feel it and above all – should be able to discuss it interactively in course of the lectures or workshops.

Create additional value for your contents by complementing them with suitable activity programmes

Together with a big pharmaceutical company launching a new drug for the treatment of pulmonary disease we built a sculpture consisting of balloons in the beautiful climatic health resort Brand in Vorarlberg (AT). This symbolic sculpture in the shape of the company logo measured 5 x 5 m.

Another pharmaceutical company from Germany brought about 150 employees to „the most beautiful village of Austria” Alpbach. It was the purpose of the event to train the in-house consultants for medical practices and pharmacies. In order to liven up the workshops a little bit we worked out a concept for a “herb learning circle“ in the fresh air which was precisely in tune with the company’s messages and products. The participants thus learned interesting facts about substances by seeing, tasting, feeling and discussing them.

More momentum for your meeting?

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