Social Dining in the Village – „The Story Teller“


When looking for suitable and exciting activities for our rent a village by xnet®  events we discovered an amazing format which does not only work well but is also quite pleasant: „The Story Teller!“

Simple but effective!

The name tells it all: This concept offers exciting table talk with depth. An excellent instrument to get to know your employees or business partners a little better. How it works? It’s so easy! Immerge in the stories of unknown persons. To each course we serve you inspiring questions you can ask your vis-à-vis, following the motto: „new course – new question – new counterpart“. You will be suprised how your conversations will develop and what you will take with you from the encounters. So easy, so in-depth, so enchanting. Our recommendation for a beautiful contrast with added value, a contrast to the fast-moving daily life.

Together mith MICE Club and Congress Centre Alpbach we invited to an info trip to Alpbach in December 2016 and tested the concept ourselves. In course of a dinner founder Katrin Frische introduced the „Story Teller“ concept to selected event specialists. We were all more than excited by the outcome and we are still convinced that this kind of communication is well suited for rent a village by xnet® events. Just like in case of the „Story Teller“ the person is in the focus.

Quotes from participants (Source:

  • „At first I was a little nervous but that went away very quickly. It finally felt very comfortable – almost like with a big family.“
  • „I took three new persons in my heart tonight and it feels like we have been friends for ages.“
  • „I heard myself telling my story. Amazing what that made with me!“

We recommend this concept charged with emotions for anniversaries, kick-offs, fusions or when celebrating a big success.

Dinner ist served …..  rent a village by xnet®