Sustainability: green meetings – regionality – carbon footprint

A most decisive success factor in the rent a village by xnet® concept is the appreciative partnership between the client, xnet and the villages. In order to ensure a smooth event, we prepare the villages by providing them with detailed schedules, offering discussions and briefings. The involvement of as many regional service providers as possible allows on average 70% of the value added to remain with the village, which of course contributes to improved sustainability.

In order to even intensify the same, we have – in cooperation with “green meeting 2.0” – developed a handbook (link to download) which intends to help you realize your event with a carbon footprint as low as possible.

GreenNote Label

Your “GreenNote®” Label

With a measurement and rating system we can determine your carbon footprint and award you by a certification at the end of the event.

Simple steps to your success

You decide which sustainable criteria from our handbook you want to realise. Of course we support you with useful tips and suggestions during the whole event.

Discussed criteria in our handbook

  • traditional and extraordinary localities
  • mobility and transfer options
  • organisation with hotels and hosts
  • regional and ecologically catering
  • diversified decoration
  • sustainable event technology
  • handling with print
  • “fair” give-aways
  • easy waste management
  • correct communication
  • social commitment

Point rating system and evaluation

The planning and the implentation of the event is eveluated by a point rating system, based on the CO2 relevance ranking. This point rating system procures you an easy overview of the plan and current status of your project and helps you to check out the sustainable creteria you choosed.

Based on the score, you will get a certificate with the “GreenNote®” Label by the end of the event.