Authentic villages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland – experience tradition and modernity

Our villages are located in particularly interesting Central European regions where tradition, custom and economic life have been shaped by the environment for centuries. These congenial features will provide your event with a unique setting. The chosen villages are located in the regions of the Alps, the rolling hills of renowned wine-growing areas, or at idyllic places at lakesides or on the banks of big rivers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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In case you don’t find the right village for yourself amongst our range, we will gladly search for a suitable location near to your preferred destination.



Apart from the charm of established structures, the tangible tradition and noticeable solidarity are what makes our villages special places. Most of the people in these villages make a living from tourism, which ensures advanced infrastructure e.g. for overnight accommodation or possibilities for congresses.

Set an example …

… for long-established values, sustainable behaviour and bestow your event with a new dimension.

It will enable you to communicate meaningful campaigns and messages and you will come home to your village!

Alpbach Blasmusik

For further information about our villages, please click on the name of the village in the list or on the placemark in google maps below.

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